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IPS serves public and private electric and natural gas utilities and cater to heavy-duty industries and overall modern energy sector services and transition's needs. With a progressive industry know-how, we cover the entire value chain of production, transmission and distribution facilities. We engage with owners, developers, and investors in designing and developing leading solutions adapted to the reality of the market. Our typical project partners include equipment manufacturers, and suppliers, as well as international contractors. Realizing our market shifting needs, we are constantly thriving to position ourselves at the frontiers of innovation for a more reliable, accessible, and sustainable infrastructure. Our nimble business model allows us to leverage collaboration on a global platform in order to create unique value.

  • IPS was established by professional engineers and experts in the lifecycle of electric power plants. Building and operating power plants for utilities and industry have been our core competence for decades, and it continues to be the drive behind our continuous quest for growth and excellence. Our holistic understanding of the power system allows us to put in practice an exceptional expertise and know-how. We cover conventional and combined-cycle, as well as hydro and solar facilities. We engage with owners and developers in utility and IPP development, we support our business partners in their system planning and execution projects. As lifecycle support providers, we provide our customers with project development and project services specific to their needs, including:

    • Conventional & Thermal Power Plants
    • Combined Cycle Power Plants
    • Hydro-Electric Power Plants
    • Internal Combustion Engines Plants
    • Power Systems
  • Leveraging more than three decades of expertise in the O&G in the Middle East an Africa, our advisory team provides unique insight into the reality of industry and market. Natural gas has proven to be the cleanest fossil fuel in the world. At IPS, we have set up strategic partnership incorporating decades of development and contracting experience with midstream natural gas solutions. Realizing that Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is currently the main driver of the globalization of the gas market, we have set up a competency group focusing on LNG solutions. IPS is committed to advancing its offerings for each step in the gas value chain, from product level to entire LNG terminals with the latest technology and innovations, including:

    • Gas Treatment & Storage
    • Gas Transmission & Distribution
    • Liquified Natural Gas
  • IPS engages with manufacturing and heavy-duty industries to develop and implement in-house energy solutions, and to address their contracting and services needs. Our expertise covers energy supply, recovery, and utilization of industrial facilities. We optimize plant’s energy performance and efficiency, with a focus on operational reliability as well as production’s bottom-line, using excess heat to augment energy utilization efficiency and plant profitability. We provide industry-leading energy efficiency, fuel, and operational flexibility, helping set-up a micro-grids and integrate renewables. Where possible, we help assess the feasibility of cogeneration and combined heat and power and determine alternatives to increase energy utilization and efficiency. Our competitive heavy-duty machine sets' maintenance, repair, and overhauling solutions are tailored to our clients' specific needs:

    • Heavy Duty Machinery Installation & MRO
    • Co-Generation & Combined Heat & Power
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Waste Heat Recovery Boilers
    • High Temperature Water Boilers
  • Our multidisciplinary team is a one-stop shop for regulatory, financial, economic, technical, as well as communication matters in modern energy fields. Realizing the shifting needs and challenges of global energy markets, we have dedicated ourselves to empowering innovation and emerging technologies and supporting decentralization, and energy-system modernization. We help our clients assess, design, plan and optimize their energy systems using vanguard modeling capabilities and technique. We take a holistic and systemic approach to executing strategies and solutions. Our solutions address energy transition needs and carefully examine all critical interactions between the energy system’s components and stakeholders over the entire value chain. Our offerings are based on a value-system committed to innovation and sustainability. Our expertise covers the following areas:

    • Energy System Planning
    • Decentralized & Intergated Energy
    • Digital Energy
    • Energy Storage
    • Energy Efficiency
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