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IPS has been established by professional engineers and experts in power and heavy-duty industrial fields. Our expertise is expanding systemically and progressively to include the all essential areas of our clients’ operations. We thrive to provide reliable and sensible offerings and best practices while committing to excellence and innovation. Our growing areas of expertise include the installation, commissioning, as well as repair and overhauling of turbomachinery and reciprocating gen-sets, as well as power boilers, heavy-duty machinery, and balance of plants. We have therefore evolved into a multi-disciplinary business group capable of developing and delivering end-to-end solutions. With a growing network of operational and strategic partners, we leverage the resources and capabilities required to address your unique business challenges and needs.

  • Areas of expertise

    Thermal Power Plants

    With over than a decade of experience, IPS is your trustworthy partner for world-class solutions, for successfully developing and implementing power projects in risky markets. If you want to define, plan, develop and supervise works at modern power plants, you need excellent and multidisciplinary skills. Our value-added project management and technical services guarantee the successful development and execution of any kind of thermal power project. You can call upon us at any stage of a project’s lifecycle, from conceptual studies, through construction and commissioning, up to operational support and rehabilitation. We not only offer traditional solutions for owners and developers, we also partner with suppliers and contractors for integrated delivery within the framework of an EPC, IPP, or other contractual formulae.

  • Areas of expertise

    Renewable & Distributed Energy

    Our competencies cover the broad range of expertise required to develop, design and manage the construction of any renewable energy project, with a particular focus on solar power Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), wind power, waste to energy, power to gas energy and use of biofuels. We work closely with our partners to innovate in the high efficiency and hybrid solutions that our clients demand. Our services include renewable sources estimates, cycle and system modeling and optimization, grid connection, geophysical surveys, civil works and environmental impact assessments.  Our multidisciplinary expertise offers you added value at every project stage. We believe that distributed energy will future boost of renewables integration globally. Along with our specialized partners, we help our Clients overcome any technological and framework barriers.

  • Areas of expertise

    Mid-Stream Oil & Gas

    From pipelines to processing and final storage, our expertise covers the entire O&G mid-stream right up to the burner tip. Our professionals are experts at each and every stage of fuels value chain. Our strategic partnership incorporates decades of development and contracting experience in midstream solutions. On the other hand, a dedicated competency group guides IPS’s commitment to advancing its offerings for each step in the fuel value chain, from product level to entire terminals, or tailored fuel to power solutions with the latest technology and innovation. We engage with developers, contractors, and operators on their projects to select the most suitable solutions to their needs, to optimize their assets and to develop their networks, installations or new services.

  • Areas of expertise


    IPS has established a reliable expertise in Gas and Steam Turbines installation, commissioning, and commercial operation. As engineers and experts, we help our clients understand the techno-economic implication of their selection and operational decisions, based on our thorough understanding of Turbomachinery's life-cycle value. IPS provides full support for the evaluation, installation, commissioning, maintenance, inspections, overhauling and refurbishment of turbomachinery. We work with owners and operators on design and procurement concepts and help them select service packages and source competitive parts and service mix. We also support OEM and service providers with their local sourcing, services, and specialized workforce needs.  Our competitive experience ranges from light aero-derivatives to heavy-duty turbines by global manufacturers such as GE, Siemens, Alstom, and Toshiba.

  • Areas of expertise

    Power Boilers & Piping

    IPS offers end-to-end solutions for power boilers and pressure piping assembly, erection, as well as inspection, repair, and overhaul. For more than a decade, IPS has been a leading specialized service provider for owners, operators, and suppliers of boilers and HRSG. Our processes are all based on ASME’s Boilers and Pressure Vessels Codes. All of our specialized welders are adequately and correspondingly accredited for carbon and alloy steel pipe and sheet welding. With a fully equipped workshops and state-of-art welding and treatment equipment, we provide a reliable and fast-track solutions tailored to our client’s needs. Our approach is guaranteed to help clients optimize the availability and performance of their Boilers by maximizing reliability while minimizing risks, costs, and downtime. 

  • Areas of expertise

    Diesel & HFO Genset

    The need for a fast, versatile, accessible, and reliable power source has been and will remain, the main driver of the increasing demand for Diesel, Heavy-Fuel, as well as Tri-Fuel Internal Combustion  Engines generating sets.  Diesel and Heavy Fuel Oil engines have proven to be the reliability technology as prime movers for base-load, peak-load, and backup power generation. Liquid fuel power plants make power available anywhere, anytime. Proven long-term reliability makes these plants suitable for stationary and floating baseload, and for standby applications. Our expertise includes the installation, commissioning as well as maintenance of heavy duty, high and medium speed reciprocating engines.  We also cover the integration of Waste Heat Recovery Boilers and optimize and service the entire steam cycle. 

  • Areas of expertise

    Storage Tanks & Vessels

    We offer turnkey manufacturing and construction of industrial, site-erected storage tanks, as well as prefabricated vessels. Our offering includes the entire structure as well as auxiliary and interconnecting systems. Our integrated shop and field services and innovative working methods and technical expertise enable us to guarantee high-quality systems. Our team can look back at decades of experience in the construction of large size storage tanks, silos and the manufacturing of vessels.  With the support of a fully equipped and state of the art manufacturing facilities, our supply chain brings together the advantage benefits of a growing business network. Our clients’ satisfaction is guaranteed through our centralized and integrated management systems overseeing safety, quality, and conformance of all our works. 

  • Areas of expertise

    Balance of Plant

    IPS is a reliable partner for all your installation, modifications, replacement and service needs of the BOP at heavy-duty industrial and power facilities. We engage with clients for all their need for fuel, gas, water, and air storage and processing units, covering all supporting systems of power islands or production lines. IPS is your one-stop-shop for the installation, maintenance, and overhauling of rotating machinery, structures, equipment, valves, and all electric components. From outage planning, inspections, assessments, throughout outage management and the guarantee period. Our services are supported by highly skilled engineers assessing requirements and determining best-practices, and delivered in collaboration with dedicated back-shops and suppliers facilities. Our service is reliable and guaranteed with full compliance to international quality and safety standards.

  • Areas of expertise

    Digital Energy & Utility

    Our multidisciplinary team can support your needs with regulatory, financial, economic, technical, and digital matters in the field of energy systems and digitization. Working with leading partners in the industry, we take a holistic and systemic approach to addressing your energy transition needs and examine all the interactions between the system’s components and stakeholders over the entire value chain. We can structure and help you transform your systems by offering you a growing range of solutions. Our international experts’ network takes advantage of shared knowledge worldwide while bringing in local and specific expertise. Our dedicate competency group is devoted to shaping our knowledge and capabilities in emerging technologies, seeking a position at the frontier of energy transition and digitization.

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