Life-Cycle Solutions

IPS International can offer value-added solutions throughout the entire lifecycle of your energy and heavy-duty industrial projects. You can call upon us at any phase, from preliminary concepts and studies throughout the development, planning, construction, management, to commercial operation support and end of facility's lifetime. Our holistic perspective and understanding of the Life-cycle value of utility give us a unique competitive advantage within our offerings. Our unique business model allows us to reach-out globally through strategic alliances, while horizontally expanding locally within a growing base of operational partners. Together with our clients and global partners, we create added-value solutions covering all project phases, from idea to execution through a project development and delivery model devoted to innovation, excellence, and sustainability.

  • From Idea to Concept

    Pre-Project Studies

    We capitalize on our business and market knowledge in order to transform our client’s and partners needs and challenges into business opportunities. We analyze markets and businesses, identify opportunities, study and assess best practices and help select and conceptualize solutions, in order to build strong concepts and business cases. By fully engaging with our clients and partners, we help them navigate increasingly complex business environments using complex modeling capabilities and stochastic processes for reliability studies as well as uncertainty (risk) and cost-benefit analysis. At IPS, we employ vanguard analytical skills to develop financial models, conduct analysis, and develop scenarios for system and policy planning based on life-cycle cost assessment. Our analysis is conducted with extreme diligence to meet your specific needs and challenges with due consideration to your business bottom-line.

  • From Concept to Contract

    Project Development

    We Build upon existing and new business cases in order to help you define and set-up clear project mandates. By elaborating business needs and requirements, we analyze the situation and develop aligned strategies ensuring highest success and profitability rates. We help our clients develop, review and understand design concepts and support our partners in setting-up winning models and joint-ventures. Our deliverables are further elaborated based on a thorough analysis of environmental and organizational influencers which supports project success. All project related business, market and stakeholders requirement is carefully analyzed,  in order to identify the required resources and processes that will eventually ensure compliance. Where required we develop entire management systems and set-up development processes to better support and structure our clients’ projects, and ensure aligned development and delivery.


    Project Preparation

    At IPS, we conduct our business with keen attention to planning. We believe hat project preparation is one of the most critical phases of facilities lifecycle. Therefore, we take great care in defining Criteria-Baseline by elaborating project criteria, design schematics, and work plans.  Costs and budget are determined using Life-Cycle-Cost estimation techniques. Based on project delivery methodology, project management plans are developed and the Baseline-Configuration of scope, schedule, and cost is carefully set. We team with owners to identify suitable bidding and selection strategy and help them design, develop, and manage their tenders and procurement process based on international standards and best practices.  On the other hand, we partner with contractors and suppliers to prepare project estimates, plans, prepare bids and engage with sales negotiations and stakeholders management.


    Construction & Commissioning

    IPS puts in practice a wide range of power plant construction and commissioning experience to support developers and operators with integrated project delivery from mobilization to handover and closure. Under the oversight of a centralized technical and project management office, our professionals & skilled teams execute and manage projects, through a process-centric management system, ensuring full strategic alignment and conformance with requirements and compliance with regulations. Our engineers and technical experts provide value-engineering reflected in both detailed design review and site supervision. We implement tested and proven processes to provide modular construction designs from reliable shop manufacturing to site installation and assembly. We undertake exhaustive oversight in monitoring an controlling construction and commissioning works in order to predictively identify and correct critical deviations.

  • Overseeing Availability & Performance

    Operation & Maintenance

    Our technical expertise and professional capabilities allow us to effectively oversee and manage your facilities and assets. We thrive to optimize O&M costs while minimizing the associated technical and commercial risk, with due consideration to your operational needs and bottom line. Our practices and procedures are based on solid foundation of operating experience, with a focus on enhanced plant performance and reliability, commercial optimization, and regulatory compliance. IPS undertakes both existing or new facilities assuming full ownership supporting day-to-day operations and routine maintenance in order to help minimize unplanned equipment failures and increase plant uptime. We have progressively developed innovative O&M optimization strategies that Integrates reliability, safety, and performance along with financial feasibility and managerial effectiveness while driving measurable improvement and savings.

  • Optimizing Reliability & Lifetime

    Repair & Overhauling

    From service agreements to emergency interventions as well as overhauling of main-machine sets, IPS is your one-stop partner for modern facilities' Maintenance, Repair & Overhauling (MRO). We offer a wide range of fast-tracked and premium field-services expertly designed to repair your damaged assets and restore them to the rated operational status. Our expertise covers the full range of maintenance activities on heavy-duty installations through customized service agreements best suited to your specific needs. The quality of our services is guaranteed in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions as well as international best practices. Our field teams are supported by professionals and experts that evaluate the impact of repair and refurbishment on lifetime and reliability. We leverage our knowledge to design repair schemes that enhance the reliability and operational lifetime of your assets. 

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