Our Story

IPS has emerged from a professional network rendering more than 40 years of expertise in energy projects in the Middle-East. Through decades of progressive experience, our partners and advisory team have identified the main challenges and recognized the opportunities specific to emerging markets. In 2009, IPS was established by three engineers in order to specifically cover shortfalls in specialized-services for international utility contractors in Lebanon.  Within a decade, IPS evolved into an end-to-end solution provider and established itself as a key player in the industry. As of 2016, we’ve embarked on exploring global business development opportunities. Today, IPS International operates in the Middle-East and Africa and is supported by a growing network of European and North-American consultants, manufacturers, technology providers, and developers.

Global Collaboration

Our Business Group

Today’s shifting needs in global energy markets entails an effective and innovative value chain. Our nimble business model allows us to leverage collaboration on a global platform in order to create a truly unique value. This allowed us to evolve into a multi-disciplinary business group capable of developing and delivering end-to-end solutions. For each specific project and area of expertise, we expertly tailor and integrate the required resources, processes, and best practices. Today, we take advantage of economy of scale with more than 16 operational partners in the Middle-East and Africa. Our growth is empowered by strategic relations with leading European and North-American consultants, suppliers, and developers.  As we constantly seek new relations, all related queries are welcomed. Get in touch!

Our Management

  • Management team

    IPS International has been founded, and is led, by experts in the respective fields with outstanding technical expertise and business acumen. Our leadership has inspired a unique culture across our entire business group. A culture that fosters creative synergy amongst visionaries and achievers, and leverages their core strengths and principles.


    Our Modus Operandi is supported by an Integrated Management System that establishes, and documents, the requirements to promote, design, implement and manage projects within the Energy and Industrial sectors in accordance with international engineering and project management standards and best practices.

  • Management Processes

    Processes are the fundamental unit of management and analysis at IPS. Our process-centric approach allows cross-functional, cross-department, and cross-organization value creation. Our Program-Management-Manual sets the procedures to be followed by IPS & its affiliates during projects development and delivery.

Our Commitment

We are commited to supporting positive change, as well as to empowering energy innovation and system transition, for a more accessible, reliable, and sustainable infrastructure in underdeveloped markets. Together with our clients and global partners, we create added-value solutions throughout all project phases, from idea to execution, through a project development and delivery model devoted to innovation, excellence, and sustainability. Our unique value is delivered through an innovative management and governance approach that integrates our four foundational pillars : (1) Specific Industry and Market Expertise; (2) Full Life-Cycle Value Engineering and Management; (3) Centralized Technical and Project Management Office; (4) Integrated Practices and Lean-Construction Management. While business-as-usual remains daunted by skewed principles, our culture is rooted on a value-system that fosters a creative synergy and leverages our core principles.

Our Clients

We thrive to differentiate ourselves from the traditional competition by embracing a customer-centric culture at IPS that cultivates long-standing relationships. Rather than pushing pre-packaged products and services, we guaranteed value-added solutions that are carefully designed and tailored to address our client's specific challenges, with due consideration to their operational and business needs. We engage with owners, developers, and contractors, for oil & gas, power generation, and energy systems transition projects and services in developing and emerging markets. Our transparent and flexible contracting allows for a true partnership approach, reinforced with performance-based contracts ensuring full engagement and alignment of interests. We invite you to get in touch with us in order to explore the mutual benefits of a potentially exceptional and trustworthy partnership.

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