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Throughout the years, we have differentiated ourselves by embracing a customer-centric culture that cultivated relationships. We engaged with owners, developers, investors as well as multi-national suppliers and contractors in Middle East and Africa working on modern electric and gas utilities providing value-added solutions tailored to address our clients' specific needs. Our works covered power-plants, turbomachinery, and gen-sets, as well as power boilers, heavy-duty machinery, and energy projects providing professional, consulting and field services. Our growth and success have been empowered by a growing network of specialized operational partners backed by strategic relations with leading European and North-American consultants, suppliers, and developers. Our projects have been successfully completed to the full satisfaction of our clients and with outstanding safety, quality, and compliance record.

  • Technical Advisory

    HRSG Overhauling

    2013-2014, Turnkey repair and overhauling of 150MW Heat Recovery Steam Generators. More than 6000 weld joints on low and high pressure tubing in confined spaces with limited access. Carbon & alloy steel base materials,  with straight, bent, and curved profiles. Turnkey repair including outage coordination; inspections and planning; tools, materials, and resources supply; specialized welding; quality assurance, pressure testing; and reporting to Owner. All performed works are guaranteed for one year. 

  • Construction & Commissioning

    180MW Reciprocating Engines

    Supplied the local Electro-Mechanical workforce for the erection of 180MW Medium-Speed Reciprocating Engines Power Plants. Included in scope were the electro-mechanical tools and personal protection equipment, including welding machines and welding tools, power tools, and mechanical and electrical tool boxes. All tradesmen and helpers were sourced, trade-tested, locally accommodated, transported, pay-rolled & mobilized/ demobilized.  More than 320 tradesmen and laborer deployed on sites, totaling to more than 2,400 man-weeks. More than 65 Welders were certified according to ASME’s  standards & local regulations.

  • Turnkey EPC

    24" Natural Gas Pipeline

    Fast-track corrective intervention on the leaking steam pipe at header of the High-Pressure super-heater section of the HRSG. Prepared Method Statement, Welding procedures, and Inspection/ Test Plans. Undertook the inspection, cutting, pre-weld surface & heat treatment, alloy-steel welding, with post-weld heat treatment on the 12” Alloy Steel Pipe - SA 335 GR P22 . Welding tested and guaranteed using Liquid Penetrate as well as (x-ray) radiography, performed by the Industrial Research Institute.

  • Maintenance, Repair & Overhauling

    MRO Support & Technical Advisory

    2011-2014, provided field and back-office technical support and project management services on the maintenance and on-call repair agreements as well as overhauling projects at a 450MW CCGT Power Plant. Our solutions covered the services on Gas and Steam Turbines, Generators, and Main Machine Sets as well as the Complete Balance of Plant and supporting systems Performed a temporary repair and partial refurbishment  on damaged Diverter Damper blade and seals. Replaced the 16”-150LB inlet isolation valves.  High–Pressure Feed Water Pumps. As well as Cooling and treated Water supply and discharge systems.

  • Repair & Overhauling

    Steam & Gas Turbines

    Complete Overhauling  of the damaged Diverter Damper at the exhaust of a  150MW Gas Turbine. Replaced diverter’s blade, complete with seals and landing bars. Overhauled the  actuator, toggle arms, and bearings, and diverter-box’s walls insulation. Coordinated with the OEM and followed their guidelines and quality instructions. Works delivered ahead of schedule, saving tremendous liquidated damages in terms of unavailability. Included two years guarantee and a detailed yearly guarantee inspection.

  • Repair & Overhauling

    Specialized Welding

    Performed a temporary repair and partial refurbishment  on damaged Diverter Damper blade and seals at the exhaust of a 150MW Gas Turbine. Improvised original solutions saving tremendous liquidated damages and downtime. Temporary reinstated and secured diverter’s bald in CCGT position, ensuring continued operation, while awaiting the delivery of original long-lead replacement parts.  Supported the client throughout with operation of damaged system for more than a year’s period.

  • Maintenance Agreements

    Power Boilers Services

    Yearly on-call Piping and casing repair agreement on 150MW Heat Recovery Steam Generators Turnkey service including outage coordination, inspections and planning, specialized welding, QA, leek testing, and reporting to Owner. Our scope incuded supply of metal sheets and spool as well as cutting, forming, and prefabrication and reinsulation. Tools, materials, and resources supply.  More than 6000 weld joints on low and high pressure tubing in confined spaces with carbon & alloy steel base materials having straight, bent, and curved profiles. Thousands of linear meters of welding and patching successfully delivered, tested, and guaranteed. 

  • Specialized Repair-Welding

    Piping Systems

    Fast-track intervention to Re-instated the dislocated 16” main Steam Pipe line, on elevated pipe-racks, to it’s original location and condition. Set-up the scaffolding and temporary hoisting mechanisms. Re-designed/ Modified the design of the pipe’s supports, prefabricated and installed new supports. Rigged the pipe into its original location and condition with high precision.

  • Construction & Repair

    Site-Erected Storage Tanks

    Conducted a thorough inspection on the entire bottom of the 10,000 m3  Demi-Water Storage Tank. 16 longitudinal and Total 86 Transverse weld Joints were inspected using Vacuum testing technic. Leaking and susceptible  points were weld-repaired and patched, than recoated, and Leak-proofed and re-tested using Liquid Penetrant  Testing. Activities successfully completed and guaranteed for 2 years of operation.

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