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Specialized Services

IPS was founded by power-plant and industrial engineers and has been steadily evolving based on our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. We offer specialized services to the utility and heavy-duty industrial markets. Our offerings are carefully designed based on a unique mix of business acumen and hands-on expertise. Under the oversight of centralized management and technical system, our services observe the highest international quality, reliability, and transparency standards. Our clients are guaranteed to receive value-added services tailored to their specific needs and requirements with due consideration to their operational and business bottom-line. Working with our business partners, our integrated project development and delivery services are guaranteed to provide our clients with value-added solutions in facility performance, efficiency, reliability, and profitability.

  • Consulting Services


    • Utility Business Consulting Services
    • Project Consulting Services
    • Advisory Services
    • Transaction Support


    Our business and project consulting services span across the full lifecycle of facilities, covering the entire value chain of our clients’ projects and investments. We offer business, strategic, and operational advice as well as project preparation and project management consulting services.

    We are committed to helping our clients navigate the increasingly complex business environments by managing the disruptive change and uncertainty in the energy and utility sectors mainly related to technology improvement and environmental regulation. IPS thrives in understanding and adapting to emerging technologies and regulatory requirements while coping with the continuing transformation of the energy industries worldwide.

    Full Lifecycle Consutling Services

    As seasoned consultants, and Professional Project Managers, we put in practice our business acumen, management training, and consulting expertise in order to bring the most valuable advise and service to our clients. By proactively accumulating lessons learned as well as best practices, we guarantee that our business partners remain at the leading edge of their industry.

  • Technical Services


    • Detailed & Reverse Engineering
    • Technical Advice
    • Commissioning & Start-up
    • Inspection & Diagnosis
    • Training & Knowledge Transfer


    Our engineers, experts, and technicians are highly trained and qualified for handling construction, commissioning as well as operation and maintenance projects. We provide remote and on-site engineering, inspection, testing, as well as technical support and advisory services. A centralized management and technical system define and integrate all practices, processes, and procedures delivering professionals and technical services under the oversight of our centralized Project Management Office.  Specific Competency groups define best practices and guidelines focusing on key technological and activity areas. Applying unique value-engineering and modular designs, we draw-up biding, construction, as well as definitive designs, based on international engineering and construction codes and standards.

    Experts In Power & Heavy-Duty Industries

    Recognized by local and international regulatory agencies, our inspection and testing activities include on-site surveys, reviews, testing, commissioning, as well as root cause diagnosis and root cause analysis. We provide independent and expert advice on performance, reliability, compliance, and other complex technical issues that might give rise to disputes. 

  • Shop Services

    • Steel Manufacturing & Fabrication
    • Modularization & Preassembly
    • Back-shop Machining 
    • Refurbishment & Re-manufacturing

    IPS offers full range steel and metal manufacturing, fabrication, surface treatment, and shop welding. Our 10,000 square meters fabrication facility is fully equipped with state of the art equipment, allowing us to competitively meet our customers' needs. Our expertise includes piping systems, process skids, vessels and site erected tanks, as well as their supporting structure. Certified to ISO9001, we operate using standard processes and procedures with the support of our centralized development engineering and technical system. Our main facility is supported by a  network of back-shops specialized in material build-up, large diameter lathing, tapering, threading, calibration, alignment, and balancing. We are also fully capable of reverse-engineering and re-manufacturing a wide range of obsolete or customized mechanical components.

    State of the Art Fabrication Facilties

    Effective modularization and spooling strategies are key for cost-effective systems manufacturing and timely project delivery. We offer end-to-end modularization, prefabrication, as well as preassembly and packing solutions, competitively customized for our customers' specific needs and requirements.

  • Field Services


    • Construction & Structural Erection
    • Electro-Mechanical Installation & Field Assembly
    • Emergency Filed Repair Services
    • Specialized Welding Repair
    • Overhauling & Improvements
    • Decommissioning & Dismantaling


    Under the oversight of our centralized office, IPS' skilled field teams deliver projects through a process-centric management system, ensuring full strategic alignment and compliance with project plans, requirements as well as the applicable regulations. Our field services cover the construction and commissioning, commercial operating, to the de-commissioning of heavy-duty facilities and utilities. We handle the site erection of structural and preassembled systems including site erected tanks, piping systems, steel structures and process skids. We also specialize in site-assembly, installation, and inter-connecting heavy-duty electro-mechanical systems. We also specialize in sheet, structural, and pipe field-welding including carbon steel, alloy steel as well as non-ferrous materials.

    A Broad Range of Specialized Field Services

    Our permanent staff and large standby task-force enable us to intervene promptly on sites while maintaining minimum costs and delays. Our field team effectively engages with the diverse stakeholders on sites to ensure streamlined delivery. All our field tradespersons and procedures are pre-qualified in accordance with international standards and local regulatory requirements.  

  • Workforce Services

    • Specialized Workforce Supply
    • Permanent Staff Recruitment 
    • Outsourcing
    • Shutdown Personnel

    Where specific industrial and utility experience staff are required we engage through different and flexible workforce solutions. We have been reliable supporting international companies and suppliers in meeting their local manpower needs with a proven record of effectiveness and reliability. 

    We can provide specialized workforce solutions and staff augmentation for specific projects, as well as ongoing operations. Whether it be on-call standby basis or permanent-staff outsourcing, we provide our clients with expedited, adequate, and reliable expertise.  Our retained and standby task-force include supervisors, mechanics, certified welders, piping and structural fitters, fabricators, insulators, as well as electricians and I&C specialists.

    Qualified, Relaible, and Engaged Personnel

    IPS can reliably outsource professionals and manpower serving the needs of our clients during emergency outages, as well as planned Inspections and Overhauling projects. We source, trade-test, accommodate, transport, payroll & mobilize/ demobilize specialized teams throughout shutdowns and outages. We offer a proven and fully managed service in complete transparency.

  • Turnkey Services

    • Turnkey Asset Management
    • Customized and On-demand Service
    • Operation & Maintenance Agreements
    • Service Agreements

    We provide turnkey solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients and partners. Our services are available around the clock for all kinds of fabrication, installation, commissioning, refurbishments, upgrades, and emergency maintenance. We design a wide range of customized solutions, fitted to our clients’ and partners convenience. 

    From planning and supply-chain management, up to the execution and hand-over, our integrated project delivery approach, along with our wide network of key strategic alliances, ensure a timely, competitive, and reliable turnkey service. Our managing partners, experts in manufacturing and power, lead our services and projects. Our field activities are supported by a wide network of associate professionals. And dedicated main workshop, as well as a network of partner specialized workshops.

    Tailord Customer-Centric Solutions

    We engage, through flexible agreements, in partnerships and Joint Venture that serves the needs of the customer and ensure a competitive delivery to the end user. Our integrated quality and safety system ensures competitive delivery, in accordance with international standards and best practices.

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